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      NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, "li" first come from the religious and ritual, is the expression of a way of honoring the gods, rituals and items two meanings. In ancient times, the ceremony is the maintenance of the superstructure and corresponding to the rituals of human interaction, people's behavior standards and requirements. Along with social change and development, religious and normative sense of ceremony is slowly peeling off, its material sense, started to become mainstream, and gradually become the symbols of an interpersonal communication.
      Gifts to the Chinese tradition, reciprocity has been the Chinese in dealing with interpersonal criteria. In the general sense, this "gift" is more than the "gifts" to highlight as the carrier, marked a profound era of stigma and social development process.
       The founding of New China in 1949 so far, the gifts from people in the baptism of time step changes, this change to some extent, has witnessed the development and changes over 60 years. Pure happiness      The founding of New China, the early shortage of materials, undone. People living in the '50s and '60s, living standards are generally not high, eat flour, wearing new clothes He was only ordinary people can enjoy. Thus the gift of that era also exceptionally simple, in-kind "gift" is almost entirely of pasta, "light, thin, little salient features. Holidays, visiting relatives and friends, bring a small bag of flour, a pastry or a few feet of cloth is the best gift.
     Pen to be regarded as very high-quality gifts at the time, walking down the road wearing a tunic pocket to do with the pen's been the envy of. If that pen is a Parker card, it is fairly face, or even as a baby from generation to generation.
    urrency of the "ceremony" while dime-based, supplemented by food stamps, cloth votes. New Year, the children lucky money, mostly in the corner of the angle between the two, and occasionally to five cents, is not a large number. The era that all the ticket, take the food stamps, cloth tickets to give as gifts, but also very high-end gift.
      1966 Cultural Revolution kicked off the mainstream of China to become the leaders and the Red Guards, during that period, the badge of Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao's poetry is the most popular gifts; printed with the slogan mug, towels, armband known as the Cultural Revolution, three treasure sets of gift. Marriage wedding, family and friends to send is "Chairman Mao received the Red Guards," paintings, the units to send a set of "Selected Works" or Chairman Mao plaster.
     The people of that era, life hard, simple but easy to meet, a small gift is often the memory of pure happiness.
Gift Change "thick."      From the mid 1970s, some tobacco and alcohol as a gift. After, married women have a "bride price" Shanghai Brand watches, Dove, Forever bicycles and sewing machines "Big Three" is a very expensive wedding gift. Exchanges between people has gradually increased, Who is like a hospital, children enlist in the army event, are generally to eggs or cakes as a gift.
     Reform and opening up in 1978 to return to taking economic construction as the center of the track up the development of the gift of sync with economic development, into a glorious time. Chinese New Year gift pattern increased, in addition to the ranks of candy, cakes outside, as well as meat, wine, fruit like canned food and malted milk began to enter the gift.
     At the same time, a large number of new things have emerged, flowered shirt, bell-bottoms, the yurt with the bourgeois flavor of things, was very stylish and eye-catching gift, the giver and the receiver are walking in the forefront of the epidemic.
     The 1980s, "li" gradually "and" up. The Chinese Lunar New Year to send tobacco and alcohol, canned fruit has become the norm, and began to pay attention to the brand of tobacco and alcohol. Lucky money and with the ceremony of a corresponding rise, from 10 yuan to 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan or more. Reflect the characteristics of the times married "Big Three" play into a refrigerator, color TV and washing machine. In addition, the printed calendars of the various themes of the stars, flowers, birds, scenery etc. also become a New Year gift gift, popular throughout the 1980s.
     With the further deepening of reform and opening up, the 1990s "courtesy" to become rich. The food started to become a whole bag of rice, boxes of fruit, whole pieces of wine, poultry, fish and shrimp. Gradually expanded the scope and areas with the ceremony, the amount is growing, and reciprocity began to sour. Luxury watches GUIDEC, BP ??machine, computer, mobile phone and other high-end gift to enter the horizon, the change can be described with each passing day.
     Propriety "and" human meaning "light"
     The 21st century, unprecedented prosperity in the broader context of economic and cultural development, for the gift of choice, the pursuit of individuality, quality and health. Green foods are gradually play the protagonist of the gift, the regional characteristics of the native "fire" up. A variety of health products, nutrition and fitness, massage equipment, the children the gift of caring for the elderly. Gifts with personality characteristics and brand content is also popular. Various types of unique personalized gifts, such as personalized USB flash drives occupy a large market; designer bags, cosmetics, electronic products, such as an increasingly popular, becoming the first choice of many people to buy gifts.
      Spring Festival, parents, elders give children the gift also started from a simple New Year's money, toys, etc. into spiritual food given to the beneficial growth of the child such as "Life exercise camp," "physical fitness training camp" Red Tourism ".
      In recent years, along with material wealth, bank cards, gift cards, cash, stocks and all kinds of luxury goods has gradually become the main force of the gifts, gifts of more and more tricks, more and more high value, expression of more hidden. "Ceremony" from the past, a simple expression of thanks, blessing into a walking relationship, even through human means of bribery. Propriety "and" human meaning "light" phenomenon become the norm of gift-giving, the simple meaning of the gift originally hosted covered with a layer of dark gray.
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