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      NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, at this stage gift market continues to maintain a gradual upward trend in this new year, new start, I believe that there are many creative gifts will be released to the time any gifts to people of all ages?
According to Derain gifts statistics, the Year of the Dragon this year to promote low-carbon life, everyone environmental protection is a very popular topic, especially a number of state-owned enterprises and government departments to promote environmental protection efforts will be even greater, 
      these enterprises is the gift needs of the largest companies, many gift counterparts in order to design a good gift for these companies recommend the program to worry about.
      DeLong gifts focused on enterprises, public relations and business gifts, conference commemorative gifts, festival gifts, promotional gifts and other cultural fields, over the years to tap the various types of traditional culture in China, and gradually form a unique gift culture: a healthy, practical gift          
     fundamental to the culture of the essence of the ceremony to your without luxury for the ceremony of the principles. The DeLong gift well versed in the art of giving enterprises and institutions, retail industry, gift promotion strategy; long-term customers for all sectors, through continuous adjustment of the mode of operation, to optimize the design ideas, and dedication to provide our clients professional personalized gifts customized services. Closely   

   linked to the majority of customers gifts, a sense of value, practicality, distinguished experience, cultural connotations, and the promotion of the role of a wide range of needs, to find the best balance of performance: fasten culture, cultures gift.
     DeLong learned according to their own case if the gift scheme above add some low-carbon environmentally friendly gifts, the gift of such environmental features is very popular, especially this year, everyone advocating environmental protection, which may make the company stand out in a number of competitors.
    ar of the Dragon this year, I believe some green gift ideas will be favorable and favorite of the people.  
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