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      The overriding principle is what you want to keep when you want to cut your exhibitors budget.
Cut the budget of the show is something of a dilemma. The company's management will only ask you to budget cuts, but the project of the reservation, what can be cut they will not have a clear or specific instructions. This responsibility is borne by the personnel responsible for exhibitors. This is not an easy thing, because if the wrong decision is made, it may first of all will affect your work.
Different companies and exhibition, which part of the budget decision to cut is different, and do not have a uniform standard. When deciding what to keep what should be cut, the manager in charge of exhibitors will be in trouble, some items must be retained can not be changed, but what is the sacrifice?
       For some companies, the party like the hem of the skirt is as indispensable; for other companies, the conference is a must for establishing and maintaining customer relationships, therefore, these are irreducible. The press conference for some companies do not need luxury, but for some companies, the media constantly keeping an eye on the company's new products and services is an important part of corporate strategy.
No matter what industry business and business exhibitors strategy, we have learned from mature budget law what this important law is summed up from the many times of trial and error budget cuts.
        Can cut the budget before we discuss what costs must be spending, let's take a look at what the cost is easy to cut. There are several ways to choose from.
        Minimize the gifts of the cost of the scene show managers complain about this may be, but they will understand. In any case, the gift will make you generate the idea that this person may not be our target customers ", Intel's a once responsible for the participating experts think so, from 1992 to 2000, he managed Intel's exhibition project. Of Intel Corporation in the show for a gift to spend from $ 5,000 to $ 30,000 range, especially in some large-scale exhibition, such as: COMDEX on. If your company like Intel 20 multiple exhibition in such a year and send the appropriate gift, then the potential savings can reach six figures.
       Even if you did not participate so much show, you can also calculate the cost savings in the gift: According to a recent survey, the gift is to raise the budget of the typical expenses, often accounts for 8-12% of the budget of the show. Intel to participate in the COMDEX show in the gift to spend about $ 30,000, the total participation fee of 1.5%.
       (2) reduce the cost of booth cleaning services in a small booth, for example, 10 × 10 feet, 10 × 40 or 20 × 20 foot booth, usually by the booth staff to do cleaning work. In some large booth, such as 40 × 50, 50 × 50 or 50 × 70 foot booth, there may be special cleaners to clean up the garbage or waste. However, experienced managers will ask the cleaners in the booth just to build a good time to clean once, rather than hand cleaning every day. Because after the first day, booth cleaning work is often very small. Some companies in the cost of cleaning up a year on average each show can save $ 1800 to $ 10,000, and will not lower the standards of booth activities.
       Do not rent plants eliminating the dazzling bonsai, you can save $ 250 to $ 1800. Some companies can save $ 5,000 a year, Booth does not seem lifeless
     4 less installed on the phone booth phone booth to meet the needs. Usually pull in the booth with a telephone line to the $ 250 cost of less loaded a few telephone will be able to reduce many costs. Fewer benefits to install the phone is that you can make your employees less to fight unauthorized long distance calls.
       Not cut the cost of an experienced show managers will have their own classic principle, to decide what spending is necessary, exhibitors can also be learned from these experiences to more.
       A. To ensure the stability and continuity of the work which is exhibiting the key to success, a senior marketing communications manager, exhibitors must ensure that year after year, the correlation between the exhibition work. If you do not pay attention to this rule, will be fraught with uncertainty. Exhibitors track customer will enable you to know what the show is a high-return, what the show you can not participate. If exhibitors have time to track customer information, then the next time it may take several years to restore this information and spend hundreds of money.
       High level of sales team party this is a very critical experience as an exhibitor must take the time to face the customer. You can not cut to meet customers and your management team, key sales staff and marketing staff of opportunity. The trade show is an effective way of communicating with customers. For example, in the Comdex show, Intel's market analysts, interviews with more than 100 customers from around the world. If you want to send a high-level management personnel to customers to meet the place where need to spend approximately $ 5,000, the average per trip. At Comdexon a management met with 25 customers, this one can save about $ 100,000. Show company executives meet with customers able to save much money is difficult to estimate. Imagine if 10 senior management staff to meet with 100 customers at the show, will be how much cost savings. Such estimate, the trade show is a very cheap opportunity to contact with customers.
      3 focus on the product display and promotion expenses essential to focus on the release of the product information and promotional costs is indispensable. The exhibition site is an important place to publish product information. Of course, the news media can do this, but customers can not see the real product, we can not experience the new products. However, not all the show can do for customers to an intuitive understanding of the company and its products. Experienced exhibitors to spend money to hire trained professionals, they are able to use the most effective way to showcase the company's star product, with the least time to get the most feedback, this budget is not saving.
      Hospitality customers at the show to make your customers happy is one of the main reasons for participating. Hospitality cost to the customer is essential. Exhibitors may be necessary to organize receptions or activities used to reinforce the contact with customers. One exhibitor said, the customer is the reason for our exhibitors, but also the reason we do business.  
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