News center » Industry breakthrough of traditional gifts, e-commerce is the way out
     By the global financial crisis, the domestic manufacturing industry suffered a serious blow to the traditional gift of a number of industry began to look for a new operating model, a strong breakout, have turned to the domestic market. Makes the already highly competitive domestic gift market, become a "Red Sea", part of the market keen gift enterprises, such as just south of gifts and other companies feel the power of the Internet, ahead of the layout, to enter the field of electronic commerce, play the new world. The person in charge of senior industry experts, just south of gifts: traditional gift industry in order to bail out the breakout success, or to live better, e-commerce is an effective bright road.
     As the backbone of manufacturing in China, Chinese gifts contributed more than 60% market share of the global market, but with the spread of financial crisis, the gift industry, lack of innovation, a single channel problems gradually exposed, and gifts have a serious impact. To respond to the new economic situation, the new market environment, the new consumer demand, gift enterprise transformation, and transformation of the focus should be placed on the sales channels, and the face of the high cost of now gift each channel operation, the enterprise should choose e-commerce platform to achieve their transformation goals. The current e-commerce have shown a lot of new features, a wide range of development model of the Internet, television, the entity of the whole network sales channels, while the use of e-commerce to achieve sustainable rapid development of changes in the market to become placed in the gift industry before a new topic.
      Has extensive operations, channels, design and other related successful experience in the traditional gift industry, and if all copied to the e-business gift operations, not necessarily the same. "High degree of personalized gifts e-commerce market, we are also exploring the network consumer groups who, what consumer characteristics, not what they should consume the entire industry is not deep. Overall replication of traditional gifts which sets, and certainly inappropriate. "Jiang Zhen, general manager of the south gift company believes that the traditional gift restructuring of the industry e-commerce, to learn anew, and begin again. First of all to re-examine the consumers, the research network of consumer psychology.
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