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      Throughout the 2011 art auction market, paintings, contemporary art, porcelain and other miscellaneous art trade plate have been demonstrated adjust trend. But we found that contemporary crafts in ceramics, purple, jade, but thriving in the auction, the price is booming, and frequently set new industry to become one of the highlights of the 2011 art market will not be important contemporary craft gifts to the high-end market.
 Contemporary arts and crafts, film field with success
      According to incomplete statistics, in 2011, more than a dozen auction company set up a ceramics the Yixing special auction, achieved unprecedented results. 4 Session of the total turnover of up to 195 million yuan in the modern Arts and Crafts Session "held on November 15, 2011, China Guardian (microblogging). Among them, the modern ceramic Session of the total turnover of 61.94 million yuan, the turnover ratio is as high as 94%, modern Yixing Pierre special total turnover of 70.42 million yuan. Shi Qing's "Red Cliff Night" Shou Tian Huang ornaments to 20.12 million yuan create modern Tian Huang auction the highest on record.
      2011 Spring Auction, "blue King Step masterpiece" blue and white play avian Figure Pen wash "sold for 7.13 million yuan in China Guardian, following its Beijing Poly autumn auction, king of steps made by the" blue and white spirit fowl seasons four screens sold for 27.025 million yuan, not only refresh the highest bid records of the potters personal, but also set a new trading record of Contemporary Ceramics, opens the imagination for the price of contemporary ceramics. With Poly autumn auction system "mentioned by Gu Jing Zhou bi group pot (total 11) to create a high of 17.825 million yuan, refresh purple auction world record.
    Marina in Beijing (microblogging), autumn auction launch of the "modern and contemporary Yixing special", 147 Yixing Famous turnover of up to 56,049,000 yuan. The Yixing work of contemporary ceramic art Daohong Han pot with three-color pine Gantry "sold for $ 782 million and 770.5 million respectively, not only swept the championship of the special, but also refresh the auction record of Daohong works.
High prices to establish market benchmark
    Jing Zhou, step, stone representative of the Qing in 2011 on the auction market transactions at high prices, to record the record of each plate to establish a market benchmark price. Up to now, Gu Jingzhou potter more than 10 million yuan, a total of six, five of which are the 2011 transactions. Which include Gu Jing Zhou, Han Meilin (microblogging) cooperation Gantry plate pot (11.5 million yuan transactions), Gu Jing Zhou, Wei Zixi cooperation of the "dwarf Tseng Lan pot" (10.35 million yuan transactions), Gu Jing Zhou "cloud shoulder wishful three tea "(turnover of 10.235 million yuan) in Yixing collectors, Gu Jingzhou modern potter sector" Tarzan "In general, the works can be met without resort, in the film field, as long as the goods with good spread threads work will lead to fierce competition in buyers.  
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