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     NEEDHAM China since ancient times ceremonies, traditionally attached great importance to reciprocity. "Benevolence, Miriam, propriety, wisdom, letter, in which" ceremony "is the most classic Chinese Confucianism, the most brilliant one. Its far-reaching, and still highly regarded. Therefore, the high-     High-end gifts, business contacts, friends, marriage, birthdays, holidays, emotional exchanges occasions in order to strengthen the feelings with each other and exchange gifts to each other's commemorative gift. As the product of the high-end gifts, usually more expensive, good quality gifts. The average price is higher than the advertising promotional gifts. Many kinds of high-end gifts, high prices, general crafts, painting, etc.. How their own products to fight the members of the high-end gift market? However, what is the high-end products? Where are the high-end market? Where category market for doing high-end?
    What is a high-end products?
     The high-end products is not a luxury, can only count up to class luxury. The high-end products is based on the category of basic values, values ??and prices are higher than normal and similar products. Such as milk Deluxe, Dove chocolate, mineral water, Evian, etc.. It is a daily necessity, just in terms of quality, price significantly higher than the ordinary product, but definitely not a luxury, its price must be repeated consumer repeat purchase of heavy consumers in the daily consumption can afford, and they that its value for money. This is a real luxury almost purely to show off, the gift of the significantly different characteristics.
    umers in the consumer, first of all think of the category, then the brand representing the category. Awareness of the category before the minds of consumers, determines its price range, even if the high-end products can not be a serious deviation from this range.
     2200 yuan price of 600 g of Fuling mustard Chen Hong mustard, is only speculation, is neither here said the high-end, its enterprises only symbolic significance, not sales volume, not a luxury, as a side dish really do not have the luxury of property, even if coupled with 10 pairs of silver chopsticks, consumers will not buy it.
      Therefore, high-end is not equivalent to a luxury, to do high-end and can not be arbitrary, and to enhance the unique and filling the value in the category on the basis of.
  e are the high-end market? Suitable for high-end market is characterized. Blessing for high-end market has the following three characteristics. First, the category is mature, not education.     A category market many brands, the competition is relatively full, but the industry as a whole without a strong brand, there is no formation of oligopolies. This category market suitable for high-end. Because is the most obvious difference in this category market, high-quality, high-end is the strongest brand power at high prices as the label, the quality of the consent of the consumer's trust, the brand will be able to quickly enter the minds of consumers.
     Consumption of edible oil has a long history, is no doubt that the mature category, the benefits of Kerry launched the first small-pack edible oil brand Arowana, and quickly became the leading edible oil industry; the role and value of eggs, deeply rooted, but has no brand bulk streaking, Deqingyuan eggs to make high-end value of an egg to buy more than one, the achievements of the first brand of eggs.
     Second, the industry continues to decline.
     Intense competition from corporations to consumers, and recognize that this industry has to continued to drop: low cost, low price, low quality. General business only to meet that meet the national standard, or even steal some evil tricks to blending and other legal and illegal means to deceive consumers and regulators. Enterprises increasingly slim profit margins, operating means more and more perverted, consumers increasingly do not trust the industry. This time to do high-end time.
, Jumped out of the quagmire of low-price competition in this market, high-end, contrarian, not only to competitive differentiation, and high-end products into the enterprise to survive and profit protection.
     eluxe is not an active marketing product of Mengniu see profits fell sharply because of the homogeneous competition of the dairy industry, so the road signs point to the high end of the liquid milk, Deluxe on quick success.
Third, consumption upgrade, existing products have not been met.
     Consumers to eat after, began to pursue the high quality of life, the pursuit of eat, eat healthy, eat decent, or even want to get the obvious increase in the range of children's needs, then if the industry is the lack of innovation, no real high-end quality products. unable to meet consumer demand has been raised, then do the high-end appropriate for the time being.
     To the high-end market, the soy sauce industry, already sky, Lee Kum Kee brand to actively promote the Haitian premium soy sauce products, amino acid nitrogen content of up to 1.2g/100ml, far higher than the national standard amino nitrogen ≧ 0.8g/100ml requirements.
     The old vinegar industry is still closely meet the requirements of GB, blending door, the whole industry is even difficult to find out the real old brewing vinegar, consumers want to buy a bottle of old vinegar but could not.
      Old yogurt, hot, not so much the innovation of the Qinghai small Western cattle, as it is strong market demand for a centralized outbreak. The nutritional value of yogurt has been generally recognized by consumers, consumer confidence in dairy products has been reduced to the extent that can not be lower and lower, the market is in urgent need of nutrition and health of high-quality dairy products. Old yogurt, high-end products has been available, immediately evokes the "authentic" feel of the consumer, far above the general yogurt price is still being touted, popular level is amazing.
      The high-end market is a scarce resource, the Deqingyuan achievements of the first brand in the egg, but after Deqingyuan, many eggs in the brand's high-end road began the arduous up; domestic beer enterprises all the way to shopping, suddenly looked back only to find high-end market foreign brands would like to enter difficult; miss the pressure of rising costs, begin to exert high-end market, but after the Wan Chai Ferry Pier is relatively difficult to build a high-end brands. Lowering the cost of their brains into the high-end market with competitors that price when others still, who before 
     the others awakening, the first vision on the high-end market, selecting the right category, quick start, who will be able to quickly occupied a leading position to break the competitive landscape.
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